Explore what I've been working on, what's work in progress, and what has been done.

Barcode Scanner Shopping List

Keep a shopping list by scanning empty packaging explore


Computer vision mini-lab explore

Screen Matrix Video Wall

4x3 old monitors and raspberry pi's make for an excellent huge screen explore

Modular Desk Blocks

Adding a standardised rail for flexible desk/table/storage elements explore

Home Automation

The power of an increasingly computerised home explore

Deep Face

An interface for the home (tribute to HAL 9000) explore


Product design for the masses on top of 3D printing explore


Test Tubes Spice Rack

Let's put our spices in a space-efficicient rack with test tubes explore


Furniture Woodworking

Various woodworking projects, building my own furniture explore

World Annotator - Image captioning

Annotating the world using a raspberry pi, webcam, and deep learning explore

The Things Network

Building a crowd-sourced Internet of Things datanetwork explore


Making a display from Cocktail Umbrellas explore

Project Weblog - Hello world!

On the slow power of Side Projects explore

MSc 3D reconstruction

Reconstruction of difficult scenes with just a webcam using Computer Vision techniques explore

Light Spectrum Clock

Building a contiously changing colourful clock explore