Wide oakwood cabinet

Home built wide oakwood cabinet

I built a wooden cabinet. We recently moved places, and I'm still figuring out how to furnish my new, long but narrow room. So I decided to build my own long but narrow cabinet. For the construction, I used the same oakwood as my homemade desk with modular elements, it has the same width and height (but not the same depth), and it stands towards the opposite wall.

For this build, I started with the top plate and attached three metal desk legs, which are the same as my desk. I then felt it could have a cabinet below, not directly connected but "floating" a bit below with a second top plate to place devices on. Rather than removing the legs, I thought it would be nice to "cut through" the cabinet layers and have the legs come through all the way to the floor. Attached underneath the top plate are rails for up to four drawers (which are actually from IKEA), but I currently only slid in two.

Doors are tricky as they need a lot of adjusting, and I had to do some wood planing to make them fit but not get stuck between top and bottom. Some magnets and mini dampers make them close nicely. Also, the compartment on the right is about 19 inches (48.5cm) wide, so it can fit vertical rails for 19'' rack devices, such as DMX control and audio mixers.

Pretty happy with the result!


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