Furniture Woodworking

Various woodworking projects, building my own furniture

This is a quick collection of self-made furniture and other woodworking projects.

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Window Bar

A small study room can benefit from being frugal with space. The floor-height windows in ours are split at exactly the right height to support a self-made bar, together with adjustable aluminium legs. It can be used as standing desk or bar, but is also perfect for some high stools we bought.


Modular Desk

How often does it happen you'll have to clean up your desk to work on a different project? If you're like me, it happens quite a lot. You might need to put away not only all materials but also tools and carefully setup equipment, especially when switching to a different kind of project.

I made a modular desk with removable top pieces, so you can literally shelve away a project (including shelve) without cleaning up and setting up next time. It allows for building custom desktop tops, such as a normal flat top or one with built-in notches for utils, shallow storage cabinet underneath, or attached soldering station and materials.

The desk can also be tilted. Additionally, the legs consist of three pieces, which can be flipped over to make a coffee table desk (one piece) or standing desk (three pieces). The final desk is pretty flexible in the amount of use-cases, and allows for tons of customisation.


Patio Bench

I made a wide wooden bench for our large patio. I made the design on-the-go and, after a few additional trips to Home Depot, was pretty happy with the final result. The tilted design made it tricky to fit all pieces together and some iterations were required, but the result feels sturdy and is tilted just right.


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