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On the slow power of Side Projects

There you have it.

Some ideas can float around in your head, on napkins, a notebook, buried in a Someday/Maybe list or shared with friends, occupying thoughts but never transitioned into the doing phase. They can exist for weeks, months or - not rarely - even years until that magical step finally takes place: you start.

This is a place about the doing phase. It is a place to share the initial steps and intermediate progress; to share exciting results but also the failures that come with every interesting project. It is a place for me to document side projects, but also share ideas and incorporate feedback into the future of the projects you find most interesting to contribute to. But mostly, it's a place to get started.

The featured projects will not be perfect and many will never finish; like this sandbox that will have many forms while growing into a bigger playground, but will probably never be the amusement park it could have become. And that's perfectly fine, because side projects are there to play with ideas, to experiment with new tools, and to inspire genesis of future ideas, in their turn ready to jump into the doing phase.

Martijn 2014-09-05


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