Screen Matrix Video Wall

4x3 old monitors and raspberry pi's make for an excellent huge screen

While moving our offices - in conjunction with Rockstart - we found a bunch of abandoned LCD monitors. Together with Elmar Weber and Wienke Giezeman I decided to bring them back to use: we built a large screen consisting of 4x3 monitors to project videos in the public space of our new offices.

We found a project supporting streaming to multiple displays and started hacking. With some financial support from Rockstart we bought and installed one raspberry pi per monitor, a solid aluminium frame, and one central server with ethernet switch.

Some time later we were able to amuse the 250 inhabitants and visitors with featured videos from startups inside the building! In true MVP spirit, we left the hacky electronics in plain sight, and invited anyone to send in their videos to keep the display relevant over the years to come.

Source code is available at


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